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  • To enhance the well-being and psychological health of the military family by ensuring the availability of critical substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services for Veterans and military families.
  • To increase the number of veterans and military families (VMF) receiving services and assistance by establishing partnerships and developing collaborations with communities to help create a network and safety net of support similar to that of military bases.
  • To increase the capacity of community institutions and civic and volunteer organizations to assist local VMFs by enhancing opportunities for healthy futures for VMF focusing on access to health care and health care services, with an emphasis on substance abuse prevention, treatment and outreach, facilitating the provision of and access to social, mental and physical health services to VMF, enhancing economic opportunities for VMF (focusing on housing and employment); and increasing the number of veterans engaged in service opportunities.

Who is involved?

VetCorps Prevention Coordinator

VetCorps Action Team

  • Tom Koplitz
  • Al Budde
  • Jim Rostberg
  • Gail Genin
  • Alicia DeNio
  • Robin Fiene
  • James Johnson
  • Staff Sergeant Josh Markfort
  • Private First Class Sirrina Martinez

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